It took some time for us to learn that in order to get a super smooth and radiant skin,

facial massage is a must to maximize the result of our skincare routine.

As blood circulation improves, serums, creams, oils go deeper and therefore work harder. 🥳 All we needed to learn is to add a few more minutes to the skincare during the day. We have equipped ourselves with a few strange looking gadgets, and now we would like to share our experiences with you.

1. Let’s start with our ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER . We keep it in the fridge, and roll it on our face, of course after a proper morning cleansing, until our faces get frozen 🙂 besides it’s a super depuffing and refreshing feeling, we love also use it with serums and creams and “push” those ingredients deeper in our skin.

Rose quartz roller is also our favorite whenever we go for a facial sheet or gel mask. Get comfy, snip your hot coffee, snack on banana slides with home-made nuts butter (love mixing peanuts with cashew, almonds and Brazilian nuts) and just keep rolling the rose quartz roller on top of the sheet mask to make sure all ingredients get drunk by the skin. It’s super relaxing and heaven!

2. We have fallen in love with another roller too, GOLD DERMA ROLLER fits in any of our bag. (I keep one at home, too, in a Silver version. I am clearly addicted!) how do we use these Derma Roller? It’s a toothed brass cylinder on one end and on the other end, like a pen, we use it as a detector to check the sensitivity of specific areas.

The cylinder is our anytime, anywhere face refreshing tool, no matter if we have makeup on. Few minutes of massage, then facial mist for extra hydration (coconuts water or rose water) and we are ready for the next meeting or an aperitif with friends after a long day!

Seriously, just a few minutes work-out with this tiny tool and it will leave our skin feeling firm and glowing.

Secret tip for hydrated and plumped lips: roll directly over your lips a few times. 😉

The other end, the pen-like detector, is our tool to give a gentle massage on the facial reflexology map and treat structural pain and skin imperfections.

3. The GERMANIUM BEAUTY ROLLER lives in my car. So I am always ready to roll and capture those negative ions, free radicals, and protect my skin from pollution particles and any further damage.

4. Not least, GUA SHA . It is part of our evening routine, and whenever We feel like to do it. it’s an ancient Chinese tool and technique to even address chronic pain, by stimulating the soft tissue of the skin, the lymphatic nodes, and by awakening the blood flow underneath. Just a few drops of facial oil and you ready to scrape your skin, and smooth out deeper wrinkle lines from the chest throughout the neck area and the face up to the scalp. Use it by applying mild pressure and you can gradually increase the intensity, it really depends on you, how much you can handle.

Here is a video showing these facial tools in use.

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