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  • We love face masks and there's nothing better than creating

  • Are you suffering from bad hay fever like me and want to learn about holistic relief?

    I have never had any allergies in my entire life and this year it just happened. One morning I started to have flu-like symptoms like runny nose, blocked sinuses, headache, dry cough. Of course, first I thought that I had Covid-19. So just to make sure, I went tested but the result came back negative. So this is it! Hay fever!! I started to search for natural remedies as I did not like the idea of taking antihistamines. I learned that a teaspoon of raw honey is said to do wonders for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever. Other than that I just found some unrealistic advice like keeping the doors closed all the time or showering and changing clothes very often. It was hard to follow these as I am always outdoors and on the go. But I felt I needed something to release the tension on my congested face and blocked sinuses so I grabbed my Milla Gua Sha Stone and started to build in specific movements for the affected areas of my face. And after just one week I started to feel much better and during those terrible days when the allergy was tough on me, Milla helped me release tension and get better sleep at night.

    What is Hay Fever?

    Hay fever (also called allergic rhinitis) is caused by an allergic response to outdoor or indoor allergens, such as pollen. People suffering from hay fever have cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, and sinus pressure. Hay fever can make you sleepy, moody. It is hard to focus and concentrate at work and most of the time it affects quality sleep as well. According to a new study, climate change will badly affect allergic diseases like hay fever in the next few decades. It's not too much we can do when we already have symptoms but in this video, we are showing you 4 movements and areas that you can massage with either your hands or with one of our facial tools, like the Milla Gua Sha Stone.

    Let's start the exercise!

    1. Place your Gua Sha stone under the eye area with light pressure and leave it there for 10-15 seconds or until it feels good. Breath! 2. Gently massage your third eye area (between your two eyebrows) with upward movements. Take a big breath while you do it and try to visualize how the whole area is being released from tension. Do it several times, as much as you feel like. 3. Massage above your eyebrow line. It will feel good and will help release tension in the whole forehead area.   4. Use the straight-wavy edge of the stone and massage your nose and cheek area from inward to outward and drain it down behind the ears. Watch the video as well that will show you the right movements. Hope it helps a little bit and you will feel much better.
    Please note, in this video we are just showing you a few suggestions with our Milla facial tool to help you release the tension of your blocked sinuses. If you have severe symptoms and suffer badly, please consult with your doctor about the right treatment.
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