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We are looking for stockists & resellers who are passionate and enthusiastic about green and clean skin care just like us. They are committed to offering the best and the latest innovations in products, techniques to slow and reverse their customers’ aging. Our brand was created to thrive the natural beauty and step away from invasive facial techniques, heavy photo filters, and toxic, unhealthy concealers, and foundations.

Our mission is to empower people to become self-conscious, eco-friendly, and effortlessly chic, offering facial tools and skincare products with an incredible result for acne sufferers, aging skin, and everchanging skin conditions. We offer an attractive wholesale price structure.

Would you like to join us on this journey? Let’s discuss how we can work together!

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Beauty Therapist

Become your customers' trusted skin coach

If you are passionate about discovering and trying the best and the latest innovations in products, techniques to slow and reverse your customers’ aging, we would be happy to have you on board. Our brand was created to thrive the natural beauty and empower people to become their own skin care guru day by day and combine professional facial treatments with consistent home-based routines and exercises beyond topical treatments.

So if you are interested in offering our product range to your customers, we are happy to support you in creating your signature facial treatment.

Cardoon offers you an opportunity to:

  • differentiate your salon from competitors,
  • offer the latest, high-performing skin care treatments, from facial tools and antioxidant superfoods to vegan, plant-based skincare products,
  • build an ongoing relationship with your customer and help them to maintain the results of your facial treatments in the salon,
  • offer them our facial tools in your salon
  • become your customers’ ultimate skin coach.

Would you like to join us on this journey? Get in touch with us.

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We might be looking for you, dear lifestyle, travel, skincare, vegan food, yoga, facialist, mom time, workout, women-in-business, and man-in-business influencers!

We take it seriously who we work with. So whatever you do, all we ask is to do it with passion and build relationships because you truly care. Just as in private life, we make friendship with those we share our most important values with.
Natural beauty is a non-negotiable for us. We would like to work with people who are happy in their skin, happy for where they are in their journey. Also, constantly looking for improvements and enhancements, new ways of doing old things, or leaving behind old habits for new ones, thirsty for knowledge, thirsty for innovation!

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