8 autumn skincare tips forl

The cooler sweater weather is here. It’s either rainy or there is a dry cold wind blowing all day long. This last one, no question, makes my skin super dry, and once the heating is on, it will get even more dehydrated and itchy!

I miss my summer skin hydration bestie, watermelon juice, for breakfast! But on the other hand, it is my favorite season for the colours and all the delicious fruits and veggies that bring new flavours into our meals. After summer salads and cold plates, I love eating heart-warming creamy soups, and roasted chestnuts again!

Now, transitioning from summer or even a warmer Indian summer in September, to colder weather, the texture of the skin changes, the skin barrier becomes more fragile, and basically, the overall skin health drops.

Just as we naturally adjust our wardrobes to a cooler temperature, let’s see how we can help our skin adjust to a colder and drier climate.

1. Make cleansing become a ritual

Don’t rush over it. Take your time, as cleansing also increases the blood flow and aids the elimination of toxins. I use my botanical oil cleanser and leave it on for minutes before wiping it off with a warm wet towel instead of rinsing it with water! If your cleansing oil is an excellent quality, it will keep the Sebum production under control, which potentially increases in this period of the year!

2. Control oil production!

This will make sure there is less risk of having clogged pores. I cut back on chemical exfoliation and ingredients like glycolic acid, and I exfoliate no more than 3 times a month (approx. every 10 days).

3. Do home-made exfoliation!

Big thumbs up if you add oatmeal or rice powder into your cleansing oil, so you can scrub your face when your skin looks a bit flaky or generally dull.

4. Go for a light hydration oil!

I keep my treatment and hydration serums and vitamins as usual, but instead of light-weighted gel texture moisturizer, I go with a light, but nutrient-rich hydration oil, and massage it well into the skin both in the morning and in the evening. Hydration oil offers anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to seal in moisture.

5. Love botanical and mineral essence!

My botanical or mineral water essence is continuously in my bag for an on-the-go touch to rehydrate my skin. I actually do the same in the summer time, but with pore shrinking botanical ingredients or a general refresh of the face! 

6. Vitamin E is key!

Where the skin is thinner, dryness has a more visible impact. No need for fancy creams; on top of your complete skin care apply a drop of Vitamin E, let’s say, under the eye area, and massage it gently. Apply it on your lips to keep them nurtured and hydrated. 

7. Keep using SPF!

No compromise on this! The UV rays are here all year long! Go with a mineral-based SPF that sits very well under makeup.

8. Complement your skincare with a nutritional diet!

Why is it important? Because seasonal veggies like pumpkin, butternut, sweet potato are rich in beta carotene that supports cell renewal, and normal skin health and collagen production. If you are low on omega fatty acid, this is the right time of the year to add this supplement to your diet.



These are Reka’s and Aggie’s (founders of Cardoon Skincare) fav veggie, fruit, and spices for the season are:

  • Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds
  • Cabbage
  • Sweet potato
  • Kale
  • Beetroot
  • Apple
  • Grapes
  • Cinnamon

Breakfast recipe:

Cut apples into cubes and cook them for 20 mins. As the apple gets softer and syrupy, turn the heat down and sprinkle cinnamon on top of it. This is a light breakfast that warms you up for the day! You can add some organic oat or breakfast granola on top to make it a more filling breakfast. 

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