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We live only by one rule in this period: looking after ourselves mentally and physically, and helping those in need!

Why? Because bringing more balance to our daily routine and practicing self-care and kindness makes us more effective and resilient to stress factors.

We wanted to share with you our top  5 SELF-CARE ACTIVITIES  that fit perfectly into any daily routine:

 1.  Happy morning = happy day

 2.  Eat properly and walk away from your laptop and mobile, at least during lunchtime. It’s important!

 3.  Socialize! Communicate! Call each day at least 2 friends/family members for a short chat. 

 4.  Move, stretch! You can exercise without special equipment! No excuses.

 5.  Challenge your habits! This unusual period is a perfect moment to reframe things and figure out how to do them better.


1. My family has a solid morning routine. From one angle, I can hear the morning news. From another angle, there are cartoons on TV. This is a perfect time when I sneak in the bathroom for 15 mins and do my morning facial to boost my skin’s blood circulation and get a nice glow for the rest of the day!

2. I need to unplug. Setting boundaries and forcing yourself to take a 30 min break pays off in the longer term. Make your lunch break as a blissful retreat, sweet or salty it is… experiment with herbs and spices and boosting them by adding superfood and super vitamins.

3. I can’t help. I was born to be a multi-tasker. LOL… Chilling on the couch and talking with friends calls me to apply a face mask. We have plenty of DIY masks for those who want to do good for the planet. I have read an article in Vogue about the single-use face sheets. “are sheet masks the plastic straws?” The good news, we have already ditched them. Have you?

4. It is straightforward, exercising keep skin cell healthy and vital. Researchers found that people in their 40s working out regularly have skin elasticity as people in their early thirties. It’s also the reason why we have fallen in love with facial exercises.

5. Without doubt, there is the power of habits, affecting our daily life and overall well-being and happiness. Keep a journal and track those habits and review them. How does it impacting my life? What is the outcome? Am I happy with this outcome?

Hope we gave you a little inspiration!  Take care of yourself and be the best friend of yours! x

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