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Hello 2021! On the first day of the year we love to look back, evaluate and move on with our learnings from the passed year. Do you?

Well, 2020 did challenge us in many ways. Firstly, all our facialists, beauty therapists, aesthetician, spas were closed across the entire globe for months. There was a reason for this decision. During a facial, an aesthetician is typically just a few cm away from the client. So many of us were also more cautious about having these treatments.

Obviously, with these circumstances, we have been forced to learn how to take care of ourselves at home and how to do good to our skin health and our general well-being.
In this blogpost, we have collected the 10 most important things we have learned throughout this year to naturally flawless skin. The intent is to stick with them in the new year, also innovate and improve were as possible. 
If you are interested in learning about skincare that goes beyond tonic and moisturiser and you want some guidance on what’s right — from ingredients to application techniques, you can simply read our blogs and join us on Instagram or Facebook where we share our green and ethical skincare journey along with our tips, tricks, and anecdotes. 🙂
Are you ready to walk through our 10 ultimate skincare learnings of 2020 and start your 2021 looking healthier and younger?

1. Your makeup looks better if your skin is healthy.

When your skincare routine works perfectly, your skin is healthy and it is simply glowing. You won’t need concealers, heavy foundations, and makeup for hiding. We have learned to apply light and natural makeup for highlighting and for expressing your daily mood! How to get a mature, dehydrated skin with a few dark skin spots to glow? You need to upgrade your skincare routine with these 5 steps:

1. exfoliation, 2. hydration, 3. super serums, 4. massage, 5. facial exercises

sculpting and lifting the skin with guasha 2. Continue the work at home daily

To maximize the professional treatments you have to continue treating your skin at home daily. How does every professional facial treatment start? …With exfoliation. This is where the magic happens! This is the most powerful step and we have a wide range of products on the market to suit every skin type and skin condition from a weekly to a daily mild exfoliation practice. It should be part of your home skincare twice a week! Would you like to learn more about exfoliation? (Read our blog post here). Other important steps that keep your professional facial treatment live for longer weeks are the super serums, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and zinc, caffeine extract, etc. to be applied before your final facial oil or moisturiser. The last is the facial massage that you get at the end of each facial treatment that helps to release muscle tension and re-oxygen your skin in minutes! For another good reason to learn face massage is to help the products to absorbed better (otherwise, 70-80% of your products just sit on the skin and does pretty much nothing good, only evaporating or clogging your pores)


3. Nurture yourself with lots of me-time and skin-pamperingDIY facial for a flawless skin on mature skin

It used to be only for Sundays, right? Most of us working from home, and managing our kids in home school stopped us from having little DIY treatments regularly. We’ve learned that just applying an avocado and honey mask in the morning or do proper body and face stretching before getting dressed and putting our light makeup on before jumping on a first zoom call can be possible. If your skin looks good, you feel more self-confident and attractive, and nobody will stop you! Just find a way to nurture yourself not only your loved ones. 

4. Find the best self-care

Self-care options are endless, everybody can find the best option, just listen to yourself and listen to your skin. All right there are skin types and skin conditions. Your skin type could be oily or dry, etc. we all learned that. But your skin condition changes even within a day due to external weather conditions, stress levels, or wearing your protective face mask for long hours, etc. So the question you should ask every day from your skin: how does it feel today?

5. Don’t forget about the essential vitamin supplements

The skin just like our body is craving vitamins and minerals for the correct functioning and for preventing premature aging. What are the essential vitamins to supply to your skin daily? We’ve talked about it so much on our social media channels and also wrote about it. Read our blog here.

6. Massage and exercise your face not just your body!

what are the benefits of gua sha and which stone is the best for gua sha?Working on your face muscles and learning to relax them or taking them to work out, gives your pretty face much more wrinkle-free years. We can divide our facial muscles into 2 main groups: over-worked and sleeping muscles. Over-worked muscles under the skin are the pure cause for our first fine lines and wrinkles, just like the 11 frown wrinkle or nasolabial wrinkles to name a few. 



7. Multi-tasking is key to make your skin goal!

It is no brainer that certain things can be done simultaneously, I do facial exercises in the car while traveling, masking while cooking or having breakfast or when is a family movie time. I even work out or do my body stretching combined with my facial exercises. Just plan things out and multi-task. 


8. Have a diet high in natural fiber and anti-oxidants!healthy gut for healthy microbiome and ageless skin

Digestive problems can cause acne and dehydrated skin. We have learnt from Paula Simpson, biochemist and nutrition coach, author of “Good Bacteria for Healthy Skin” (read about our interview here) that good skin health starts from inside out, so include a lot of fruits and veggies and superfoods in your diet. Baobab is rich in antioxidants, protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and damages and helping to reduce the overall cell inflammation, and it is also an excellent source of fiber, which not only helps to digest better but also act as prebiotics, and feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Baobab is ideal to be taken regularly, on daily basis through drinks or meals. 

9. Vegan, organic labeled products are not necessarily clean!

You still need to look up the ingredients and keep yourself away if it contains alcohol, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, triclosan, and there are also specific ingredients that might do good to one skin type but creates potential skin irritation or breakout to other skin

high performing natural ingredients like roseship oil or baobab oil

 types. Just as you’ve learnt how to work out your gluteal muscles, or build your Ikea furniture, or cook a different ethnical meal from yours, you can learn those ingredients that you need to look for according to your needs! 


10. Protect your skin barrier & overall skin health!

When your skin barrier is strong, it protects your skin from external stressors and locks in moisture. When your skin’s barrier is damaged, irritants and allergens gets in, water evaporates, and your skin become dull, dry, and dehydrated. The skin barrier is provided by structures called lamellar sheets, these sheets are your skin’s security guards, so you have to help their jump and not distrust and harm them. There are a few things you must do to protect and repair them: apply SPF daily, don’t follow poor nutrition diets, apply anti-oxidant rich products, keep them moisturised all day long!



We hope that you are finding all of the above tips and findings really helpful. Here at Cardoon we learn every single day. And one of the best ways for us to learn is by getting feedback from you. Please let us know if you have any questions. Comment or just give us some love. This is how we learn and grow together. 

Wishing you a beautiful year, a much better and healthier one.


Stay positive, smile, and glow!

Aggie & Reka,

founders of Cardoon Skincare. xxx

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